We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to fulfill their business mobile phone requirements.

We have excellent relationships with all business mobile network providers. It’s these key partnerships which give us the flexibility to offer such a wide range of business mobile phone packages. We manage tens of thousands of connections across all the main UK networks, so we guarantee we will offer you the best deal on the best network for your business.


Our extensive product knowledge means we can give you impartial, expert advice, with a choice of tariffs that will suit your business and usage profile as well as the network. We connect users on EE, O2 and Vodafone, recommending the right solution based on your business needs and your users’ locations. We can even split your users across networks to meet your particular voice and data or coverage requirements.

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Debunking Mobile Myths

Open and honest answers to your FAQs

If I move to Pescado will I need to change the network I use?
Moving your mobiles to Pescado doesn’t mean you have to move networks, We provide contracts on Vodafone, EE and O2.


If I do choose to move provider, will I lose my mobile number?
All the networks allow you to move your existing number. Once you have agreed your new commercial arrangements, request a PAC code from your existing provider and give it to Pescado. We will carry out our checks and confirm when you will be moved over.


Surely staying direct with the network will ensure I get the best commercial terms?
Whether you’re an SME with tens of connections, or a corporate entity with hundreds, Pescado will always have an excellent negotiating position because we manage tens of thousands of connections for the networks. Just as importantly, we will give you a choice, not just with a range of preferential tariffs that will suit your business and usage profile but also of the network you prefer.


Won’t I get better service going direct to the network?
Pescado provides all our mobile customers with regular account reviews. We can also visit your business to discuss usage face to face.Unless you are a huge corporate, it’s highly unlikely you would be offered this level of service directly from the networks. Our highly trained account management team provides outstanding, individual service: most of our team members have over a decade of industry experience. What’s more, we take the time to get to know our customers and make it easy to get in touch:, you will never be just another number in a queue to Pescado.

We’ll help you choose the right mobile phone plan for your business. Get in touch with our team to get started.

From data packages to mobile device management, Pescado can guide you every step of the way in selecting and integrating your business mobile package. From a single device to a fleet of 10,000, every user is treated as an individual, with structured service levels and proactive account management.

why use

Why use Pescado?


We manage tens of thousands of connections across all the main UK networks, so you are guaranteed the best value deal on the best network for your business

managing devices

Managing your devices


Take the hassle out of managing your companies’ mobile devices with IBM MaaS360. This single platform gives you the ability to configure and protect your smartphones and tablets, all from a single screen.


What makes Pescado different?


As a Pescado customer, you can expect the highest levels of customer service. That starts from the moment you get in touch and continues through every aspect of your business relationship with us. That’s why we retain our customers for the long-term.




We’re proud to be a Vodafone Total Communications Partner, a Direct Business Partner with EE and a Plan.com O2 Technology Business Partner.

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