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Business Electronic Recycling Service

Did you know many businesses are unaware that they need a secure electronic recycling and data erasure process in place?

A large number of businesses will be disposing of IT equipment illegally or holding onto outdated hardware for years on end.

Recycling is a big deal but most customers think recycling is about getting money back for items. Data protection is paramount for businesses and Pescado now offer an end to end electronic recycling service and secure data erasure for all your business IT equipment.

Businesses need to ensure that they are compliant with current UK law on the recycling of e-waste (electronic equipment) and that you have proof any sensitive data has been removed from all devices correctly.

electronic recycling service

Even if you do have an appropriate process in place this will need to be reviewed in the
event of an office move or at the end of an IT audit.

data protection recycling services

Data Protection & Compliant IT Recycling Services from Pescado

By opting into our electronic recycling service your business will benefit from:

  • Secure next day collection on business mobiles, business phones and all IT equipment
  • Full IT audit, testing and grading of all IT equipment with a formal price guaranteed
  • Data Protection ensured with secure asset data erasure via the renowned Blancco software
  • A compliant data destruction certificate with due diligence pack containing information which complies with EA regulations on WEE disposal
  • Funding credited as agreed

WHY DO BUSINESSES Need an Electronic Recycling Service?

IT hardware and telecoms equipment can contain toxic materials and are regarded as hazardous waste. The UK Government has specific legislation regarding the destruction and recycling of electronic equipment (WEEE) which businesses must adhere to. These are legal obligations for any business.

Businesses must take steps to show their compliance with the IDIA – The UK governmental body for data recycling and the GDPR – data protection law.

Why Do Businesses Need Secure Data Erasure?

Data protection should naturally be a concern for businesses. Your business could be under serious risk if your confidential client data were accessible. This is why our IT security services are in such high demand, but business often forget to consider data protection when it comes to old IT equipment and the disposal of that equipment.

In addition to your confidential information being under threat, you could also be in violation of the UK Data Protection Act if you do not make sure all data is eradicated before recycling, destroying or selling IT hardware.

This can be difficult for businesses to carry out themselves as it requires proof of appropriate data removal with a data destruction certificate. Pescado will provide all businesses who use our electronic recycling services with a compliant and recognised data destruction certificate.

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