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What is EFM?

EFM stands for Ethernet in the First Mile. This is a type of Ethernet network technology, predominantly used for providing UK businesses with dedicated leased lines that offer up to 35Mbit/s of bandwidth. The first mile is the link between the end user and the public network.

EFM technology has been gaining popularity with internet users. It offers a reliable, high-speed service which makes use of existing copper lines, so it’s quicker and cheaper to install than some alternatives and offers a viable substitute to a leased line. Its ease of installation and reliability make it a great option for small businesses.

EFM network services

EFM connections can be a great choice for growing businesses looking to upgrade and benefit from higher speeds.

Ethernet in the First Mile can be used to provide UK businesses with symmetric dedicated leased lines. Symmetrical bandwidth means the upstream and downstream speeds are the same, the bandwidth is not shared and therefore provides a consistent experience.

Typical EFM speeds from Pescado are up to 20mbps for downloading and uploading, with these speeds guaranteed to ensure your peace of mind.


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As a Global business that relies on brilliant communication in remote areas, the services provided by Pescado have revolutionised the way we operate as a business. Now our team of Traders can operate from anywhere in the world, at a fabulous cost point, with a service that just simply works.

Andy Holden, Plexus Cotton


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