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Office Phone Systems

A high quality, reliable office phone system is essential for the successful running of your business. It ensures good lines of communications with customers, clients and between staff. Whatever your line of business, office phone systems will always be a priority and whilst we all use email and mobile a reliable office phone system is still crucial to running an efficient and professional business.

There are now countless options and features available for modern business telephone systems. At Pescado we get to know your business, enabling us to have an in-depth understanding of your communication needs, so we can provide the ideal office phone system for you.

Let’s look at the options when choosing your office phone system

Pescado Ola – Hosted Telephony

Hosted telephony or Cloud VOIP technology as it is often called – offers a cost effective but feature rich phone system. It works by converting the voice signal from your phone into a digital signal, which then travels over the internet.

The broadsoft platform sits in the cloud and takes away the restriction of geographical location when it comes to communication for your business. Your number is portable and you can keep any number you wish, it doesn’t matter where you are.

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pescado ola hosted telephony

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A SIP (session initiation protocol) phone solution offers a reliable, proven alternative to the traditional ISDN lines that most telephones systems run over.

With a SIP line in place, businesses are able to use their existing pbx system and benefit from reduced call charges, real time disaster recovery and as it can be applied to any connectivity it is extremely flexible.


More about SIP office phone systems

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SIP office phone systems

traditional calls and lines

Traditional calls & lines

Happy with your office phone system – allow us to keep everything in place and simply reduce the amount you pay – there is no downtime and it’s so simple to switch.

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More about Traditional Calls & Lines

There are plenty of options to choose from when considering a new phone system or how to simply reduce cost. Our team of specialists will come and spend time with you looking at how you can benefit from the systems we offer.

It is not often that businesses change phone systems, the choice, the technology, the applications vary hugely, so we can offer the best advice and an open approach to future proofing your business.

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Still unsure about office phone systems?

There is now a huge range of technology available in the world of office phone systems. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages and can have a big influence on your office productivity. Although the amount of choice can be a little overwhelming at first we have compiled a helpful guide to a variety of office telephone systems.

guide to business telecoms

office telephony guide

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