Mitel Hosted Voice

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of the latest technology without the big upfront investment. Mitel Hosted Voice is a scalable and flexible way to manage your communications more effectively. It gives you the same reliable functionality as a traditional PBX system, with advanced extra features that will allow you to communicate on a whole new level.


Ideal for:

• Businesses with multiple sites looking to deploy uniform integrated communications
• Organisations with flexible working locations and mobile workers who need to ‘hot desk’
• Companies that need the flexibility to add users and plan for future growth
• Organisations with limited resource, expertise or interest in running their own telecoms equipment
• Businesses with lots of small sites where a PBX in every location is cost prohibitive
• Businesses with five or more phone users

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How will Mitel Hosted Voice benefit you and your business?

Consistent call quality

Our hosted voice solution ensures consistent call quality for business critical communications.


Scalable, future proof technology

Hosted voice utilises technology that grows with you, supporting expansion across multiple users, sites and a mobile workforce. You can add extra features and functionality when you need them.


Auto attendant

Routes calls efficiently and easily.

Advanced call functionality

Provides handset features such as customisable hotkeys and hunt groups. Mobile and desk phone handset twinning ensures you never miss a call. Calls are routed to available staff via one number, irrespective of handset or location. Your staff can manage their calls via a web portal to reset passwords and set hotkey and twinning preferences.


Automatic scheduling

Allows you to automatically manage the scheduling of day and night service, giving greater control of traffic to meet business demands.

Why choose Mitel Hosted Voice


Save money – make calls over your internet connection, removing the need for phone lines.


Chat, video conference, screen share, see colleagues availability.


Integrates with your office handset, mobile, laptop and desktop computer so you never miss a call.


Access the latest new features and upgrades when as they are released.


Web-based portal lets you add new employees or make changes on demand.


Business continuity – automatically re-route calls from one location to another.

Get the right Mitel package for your business

Mitel Hosted Voice is a VoIP, cloud based phone system that routes your calls through your internet connection. It integrates with both your office and mobile handsets, bringing all the features of a traditional phone system whilst offering savings with a low-cost pay monthly model and no installation fees.


Audio conferencing

Call forwarding

Call history

Caller ID

Call hold

Call transfer

Do not disturb

Hot desk

Hunt group and ring groups


As standard, plus:

Voicemail to email

Ad hoc record-a-call

Remote access



As business, plus:

Twinned answer point

Single number

Call hand-off

Single voicemail box


For the majority of Britain’s businesses our packages are perfect. However if you need more sophisticated functionality, such as full contact centre capability, we can provide a bespoke system to match your individual business needs.

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